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Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a new blog and won’t be posting here any longer. The link is It’s an online literary blog/e-Zine focused on speculative fiction. For anyone who would like to submit articles, artwork, reviews, press releases, book trailers, or short stories, here are the guidelines:

For articles or guest posts –

1. No more than 1000 words.

2. Can be focused on fiction or about science fact, but try to keep it as fact-based as possible, as in no hate material.

3. Include an author bio, link to website or blog, and information about other published works (if applicable). I can’t pay for submissions, but I’m more than happy to give free publicity.


For artwork and book trailers –

1. No nudity or scanty dress. (Unless of course, you’re submitting a picture of a spaceship, android, or dragon).

2. Artwork should fall into the category of science fiction or fantasy. I’ll leave that to your discernment.

3. Include a link to your website or blog, and a short autobiography.


For short stories –

1. No more than 5000 words.

2. No erotica or erotic elements of any kind, please. This needs to be friendly for all ages.

3. No hate material of any variety.

4. Stories should be science fiction or fantasy.

5. Include an author bio, blog or website link, and links to other published works.


For reviews –

1. Limit reviews to one paragraph.

2. Game, movie, and book reviews are all welcome.


Note: Authors and artists will retain all rights to their work. For previously published works, please provide appropriate permissions. Press releases are also welcome. Send all submissions to


Why I Want 12 Kids And Why I Don’t


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Most people who know me personally are aware that I want a large family (12-14 kids). No one has openly criticized me yet, but I know the common American mindset when it comes to children. In case you’ve already written me off as insane, in my defense:


1. I don’t want 12 kids because I “can’t keep my legs together”. Come on; really?

2. I don’t want 12 kids because I want my own reality show. I don’t; trust me. I use a pseudonym because I want to stay as far from the public eye as humanly possible.

3. I don’t want 12 kids because I can’t afford birth control, because they won’t be mine through birth. 

I want to adopt through the foster care system, Mercy Ministries’ adoption agency, and Holt International. I have a passion for adoption and orphan care because:


1. According to, “every 15 seconds, another child becomes an AIDS orphan in Africa.

2.  Every day, 5,760 more children become orphans. 

3. Every year, 2,102,400 more children become orphans (in Africa alone).

4. 143,000,000 Orphans in the world today spend an average of 10 years in an orphanage or foster home…”

5. Every YEAR 14,050,000 children still grow up as orphans and AGE OUT of the system

6. Every DAY 38,493 children AGE OUT.

7. Every 2.2 SECONDS, another orphan child AGES OUT with no family to belong to and no place to call home.

8. In Ukraine and Russia 10% -15% of children who age out of an orphanage commit suicide before age 18.

9. 60% of the girls are lured into prostitution.

10. 70% of the boys become hardened criminals.”



Kids are dying, starving, crying; kids who need someone to hug them and tell them they’re wanted. Kids who need direction and to know their purposes. I can’t adopt all of them, but one day I’ll be able to provide for 10, 12, 14, or however many God brings into my path. And I can care for others through charities like World Vision or Compassion. Anyway, stepping off my soapbox…

Looking for a Book Launch Group


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I know I’ve posted this a lot, because I haven’t gotten any responses. I’m looking for beta readers to help with content, plot, and character development of my two YA pro-life dystopia, For the Future Generations, and its sequel, Curtis’ Generation Mission 1: The Inferiors. 

The story premise of the first is,

In the first book of the For a Generation series, fourteen-year-old Matthia Hefner is growing up in this oppressive political climate. Her country–called “The Middle Country”–is a thirty-first century dictatorship in what was once the United States of America. Here, parents are allowed one subjection: a child or set of multiples. Any subsequent pregnancies conceived before the oldest child has reached the age of emancipation are terminated by abortion. Anyone who cannot contribute to the economy is euthanized. Knowledge of the outside world and the past is filtered through a memory chip implanted in citizens at birth.

Then, she meets Keegan Wilcox, the time-traveling intelligence agent who knows more about Matthia than she wants to admit. From Keegan, she learns how abortion destroyed America and how The Middle Country is headed for the same downfall. She declines at first, but after learning of her mother’s illegal pregnancy, quickly changes her mind. Keegan sends her on a mission to the last generation of America with a plan to reverse its destruction, save the past, and preserve the future.

Its first sequel, Curtis’ Generation Mission 1, is focused more on the eugenics side. Matthia and her friends travel to the year 2100, when persons with disabilities are kept as slaves. There, they will help thirteen-year-old Curtis McKinney learn the value of those society views as weak and worthless.

Like I said, I’m looking for help with plot, logic, and character development. I’d need someone who is okay with reading Christian material, preferably a science fiction writer and reader.  Once it’s been edited, I will send a free paperback copy. If anyone’s interested, please email me at Also, a bit later on, I’ll look for audiobook narrators and promoters.

As a reminder, my fundraiser for editing is available until August 30th. If you want to donate, you won’t be charged until the fundraiser ends, and only if I’ve raised my minimum goal of $2000. The link is

6 Ways to Help Girls Who Are Struggling with Self-Harm


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This is somewhat a deviation from my typical author blog posts, but as someone who has struggled with cutting for nearly eight years and is seeking help, it’s been on my heart a lot lately. For those who are unfamiliar with this, self-harm/self-mutilation/self-injury is inflicting harm on the body, most often through cutting or burning, to deal with deep emotions a person cannot understand or communicate. Obviously, I cannot speak from the perspective of everyone who struggles with this, so the list I’ve developed is strictly from my perspective. If you are the family member or friend of a suffering teen or young adult woman, here are six things to consider when reaching out to them:

1. Offer to be there to listen and support. It may be difficult. Most people who self-mutilate struggle to understand and communicate her emotions. Depending on personality type and life experience, she may express concern over being a burden. As an IXFJ (someone who functions as an INFJ and ISFJ), I can attest to this. Those are the nurturing personalities, and she may fear she’ll push you away or cause you to feel taken advantage of.

2. Encourage her to express her thoughts and feelings and stay away from mentioning self-harming urges. It’s difficult and scary when a family member or friend is harming themselves, and it’s natural to want them to tell you when they feel urges. However, self-harming is a way we (the sufferers) cope with life. Early on, I communicated my feelings through talking about my urge to cut. It was the way I coped, and, in turn, I once again associated self-harm through relief. I talked about the urge to cut to bring much-needed emotional relief. For those who wish to help, it’s vital that the sufferers can separate cutting from relief.

3. Allow her into your inner circle. Most therapists agree that people turn to self-injury when they do not have healthy close relationships with family or friends. When a girl says she cuts because she “wants to feel alive”, or, “wants to feel something”, she may (I did) mean she doesn’t feel close to anyone. She may not feel like an important part of anyone else’s life, never have developed healthy emotional attachment. By allowing a girl struggling with self-harm into your inner circle of friends, she can see how relationships work. Treat her as an equal human being, not as the victim of abuse, bullying, or depression.

4. Allow her to meet your emotional needs. Allow her to step out of her world and do what she can to help. The chance to meet another’s emotional needs will not totally fix the problem, but it will make her feel important and connect with you on a level she may never have before. Don’t put your deepest, darkest secrets on her; start with the minor struggles, preferably ones she can relate to.

5. Encourage professional help. For some, seeing a therapist, counselor, or pastor will work.  Others, depending on the amount of baggage, may need a psychotherapist, dialectical behavioral therapy, or inpatient treatment. In severe cases, attachment therapy may be necessary, but in that case, it is between a  girl and her parents (usually adoptive). Mercy Ministries is a faith-based, six-month program that  provides girls with treatment free of charge. Encourage the girl to pursue professional help, but don’t pressure her. Getting professional help must be the girl’s choice.

6. Fast and pray once a month. This includes partial, absolute, and media fasts. This is something no one should know you’re doing. Don’t mention it to the girl; don’t mention it to anyone. Your prayers for a hurting person will be the most powerful help you can offer.

Fundraiser (continued)


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All right, I posted a couple of weeks ago about the fundraiser I was doing. I’d originally planned to start it in January, but I am not sure that will work with my schedule, so it’s starting today and will last forty-five days. I have new rewards for $15, $20, and $30 donations.


$15 gets a signed poster of each book I’m raising money for.

$20.00 gets a signed poster and bookmark.

$30.00 will get all of the above plus a dedication and a character namesake.


The page, again, is I will also proof and beta read other authors’ non-romance or erotic books. I’m okay with romantic elements, but I cannot give advice for those genres and I’m not comfortable reading sex scenes. Because I’m raising money to get my books professionally edited, this fundraiser is more for my future readers than it is for me. (I thought I needed to add that in so this didn’t seem narcissistic).



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I mentioned this in my last post, but I want to go into more detail. I’ve started a crowd funding fundraiser to earn money for editing seven of my books: For the Future Generations, Curtis’ Generations Missions 1-2, Book of the Numa, the Genesis Experiment Mission 1-2, and the Psychopath. Believe it or not, I can get these edited for $2K. I will be using a service called Edit Your Book, which charges .005 cents per word, and that’s for both developmental and copyediting. The fundraiser I’ve set up is for “Book of the Numa”, but I will use the funds to edit all my books. I can get all 23 of my planned books edited for $25,000, but my minimum goal is $2000.

I’ve set rewards:

For each $5.00 donation, I’ll give a bookmark (and maybe a poster). I have to buy those in packs, so I have to set the denomination high.

For each $10.00 donation, I will give an eBook bundle (ePub, MobiPocket, and PDF) of each book I plan to release.

For each $15.00 donation, I will give a signed poster for each book (the six I’ll get edited with the funds)

For each $20.00, I will give the above plus signed bookmarks.

For each $25.00 donation, I will give a print edition and eBook bundle.

For each $30 donation,  I will give the signed posters, bookmarks, name a character after the donor, and dedicate one of the six books to donors.

For each $50.00 donation, I will give an invitation to the book launch party–the physical one for Nashville, TN residents, and the Twitter one for those elsewhere.

I didn’t post this on the fundraiser page, but I plan to start a speculative fiction literary eZine next year. As additional rewards, I can offer authors free publicity in my eZine, on my blog, Twitter, and Google +. Also, I will proof and beta read another author’s work, except for romance and erotica. I will read fiction books with romantic elements, but not erotic. I don’t feel I could offer helpful feedback on those genres.


My fundraiser will start January 19, but for anyone who’s interested, the page is already up at You can click “I’m interested” (if you are), and you will receive an email when the fundraiser begins.





Press Release – The Genesis Experiment Mission 1


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For Immediate Release 

Date: 7/5/2014

Contact: Anastasia Faith, 615-545-8324,


Self-Published Sci Fi Novella Available as 99-cent e-Book 

“The Genesis Experiment Mission 1: Crisis on Platform One” – Independently Published Novel by Author Anastasia Faith Now Available

Franklin, TN, USA – Independent author Anastasia Faith released her second book, the first part of a novella titled, The Genesis Experiment to,,,, and today.

“I’d planned to send this novella to Asimov’s,” says Faith, “and then publish it as an anthology later. So, I’d had it professionally edited. After I’d sent it, I thought it was a good time to publish the first one. I plan to release one a year, so be on the lookout.”


The Genesis Experiment is a story about twelve clones who are part of a project with the same name. When the first clones are sentenced for execution, their lives depend on their replacements, four younger clones from the same prototypes.


Interested readers can find “The Genesis Experiment Mission 1” at,,,, and The author may be contacted at,, on Twitter at @Anastasiafaith1, and on Facebook at

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Beta and Proofreaders Needed


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I am looking for beta and proofreaders to help me with my Christian dystopian.

The title is “Book of the Numa”, and here’s the book description:


When the Global Union formed in 2485, they offered equal rights for those of every race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. The exceptions were those with Judeo-Christian beliefs. The Global Union emphasized a tolerant “family” mindset, leading its people to believe there was no absolute truth. They mobilized a group of “Brothers” and “Sisters” who made public examples of Christians and Jews and encouraged their persecution. Orphaned after their father’s death two years later, Irish twins fifteen-year-old Liam and fourteen-year-old Keeley McAllister are sent to the bookstore owned by their late father.  A mysterious eBook, the key to a former Christian bookstore, the testimony of a former Brother, and a mission to respect their father’s dying wish send Liam and Keeley to Belfast, Northern Ireland, as a battle of spiritual warfare moves in.

The beta readers can focus on content and logic and point out points that don’t make sense.  The proofreaders’ focus would be spelling, grammar, typos, and verbosity. If you don’t mind reading Christian books, I would really appreciate the help. Email me at if interested.

My Author Website


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I’ll admit it: I’m a broke indie author. My website is a free Weebly site, and the design is far from professional. In fact, it sucks. But I’ve been told authors need a website, and the Wix domains are too complicated to use for marketing. So, I settled on Weebly. It’s becoming quite different than I had anticipated.

I don’t just have a landing page, book pages, media kit, blog, and pressroom like I had anticipated. I’ve expanded it, and it’s not all book or author-related.  My first book is a pro-life dystopian called “For the Future Generations”, I’m writing a novel with two autistic characters, and I’m working on an adoption story about a boy with an attachment disorder who lives in a post-apocalyptic colony.

So, I’m working on four resource pages. One has resources for persons who are considering adoption, or for pregnant women who are thinking of placing for adoption. Another will be for those with autism or parents with autistic children. The third will have links to counseling sites specifically for parents who have had abortions, and the fourth will have links to national attachment therapists’ websites.

I’ll be in a treatment program (hopefully) for six months starting in July, but after that I plan to include a prayer request form.

If anyone has feedback on these ideas, the comment box is open.

8 Affordable Editing Services for Indie Authors


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Most writers dream of the day they complete their book, get a literary agent, and sign a contract with a publisher that will take charge of editing, marketing, and distribution. Sadly, even for talented writers, getting the attention of a literary agent isn’t as simple as it sounds. For some, the fulfillment of publishing dreams comes through self-publishing. Obviously, to produce a quality book, an aspiring author should hire a professional editor. Just read any website for independent authors, and that will be screamed at you.

That sounds simple enough, but professional editors charge more than most people can afford. Thankfully, there are a few exceptions, such as:

1. CD Baxter – CD is a writer who offers editing services. To purchase her cover design or editing services, visit the work offer page at She lives in Scotland, so the pricing for the editing services is in pounds. They range in price from roughly $25.50 USD to around $80.00.

2.  Rozebuz – Rozebuz is a book blog run by Linda Harley. She offers copyediting at .001 cents per word. The website is, listed under the review tab. To submit work writers must be registered at Further instructions can be found on the website.

3. Jenn Scranton – Jenn is a copyeditor I found on She charges $1 per 1,000 words. Email her at for more information.

4. Eskay2011 – is a marketplace for services starting at $5.00. Most editing services are not $5.00, but they charge for a certain number of pages or words. User Eskay2011 charges $5 per 20 pages. His ratings among Fiverr users are outstanding – almost 100% satisfaction.

5. Also on Fiverr, user SpreadingLight charges $5.00 per $4,000 words.

6. Edit Your Book – Edit Your Book ( offers both content and copyediting. Their rates are .03 cents per 10 words for copyediting, .04 per 10 words for developmental editing, or .05 per 10 words for both. Edit Your Book is recommended by Preditors & Editors.

7. Red Adept Publishing – Red Adept Publishing is a small traditional publisher that offers editing for independent authors. More information can be found at their website: Note: authors who choose to use Red Adept for editing cannot submit the edited book for publishing.

8. User SureShotPost will proofread 15,000 words for only $10.00.

At times, students majoring in English or journalism will edit books at a discount.  In addition, most editors will give a free editing sample on the first few pages of a document. Information given in sample edits can be used to edit the rest of the manuscript.