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Most writers dream of the day they complete their book, get a literary agent, and sign a contract with a publisher that will take charge of editing, marketing, and distribution. Sadly, even for talented writers, getting the attention of a literary agent isn’t as simple as it sounds. For some, the fulfillment of publishing dreams comes through self-publishing. Obviously, to produce a quality book, an aspiring author should hire a professional editor. Just read any website for independent authors, and that will be screamed at you.

That sounds simple enough, but professional editors charge more than most people can afford. Thankfully, there are a few exceptions, such as:

1. CD Baxter – CD is a writer who offers editing services. To purchase her cover design or editing services, visit the work offer page at mybooksjourney.weebly.com. She lives in Scotland, so the pricing for the editing services is in pounds. They range in price from roughly $25.50 USD to around $80.00.

2.  Rozebuz – Rozebuz is a book blog run by Linda Harley. She offers copyediting at .001 cents per word. The website is rozebuz.com, listed under the review tab. To submit work writers must be registered at elance.com. Further instructions can be found on the website.

3. Jenn Scranton – Jenn is a copyeditor I found on WorldLiteraryCafe.com. She charges $1 per 1,000 words. Email her at jennscranton2013@gmail.com for more information.

4. Eskay2011 – Fiverr.com is a marketplace for services starting at $5.00. Most editing services are not $5.00, but they charge for a certain number of pages or words. User Eskay2011 charges $5 per 20 pages. His ratings among Fiverr users are outstanding – almost 100% satisfaction.

5. Also on Fiverr, user SpreadingLight charges $5.00 per $4,000 words.

6. Edit Your Book – Edit Your Book (edityourbook.com) offers both content and copyediting. Their rates are .03 cents per 10 words for copyediting, .04 per 10 words for developmental editing, or .05 per 10 words for both. Edit Your Book is recommended by Preditors & Editors.

7. Red Adept Publishing – Red Adept Publishing is a small traditional publisher that offers editing for independent authors. More information can be found at their website: redadeptpublishing.com. Note: authors who choose to use Red Adept for editing cannot submit the edited book for publishing.

8. User SureShotPost will proofread 15,000 words for only $10.00.

At times, students majoring in English or journalism will edit books at a discount.  In addition, most editors will give a free editing sample on the first few pages of a document. Information given in sample edits can be used to edit the rest of the manuscript.