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I’ll admit it: I’m a broke indie author. My website is a free Weebly site, and the design is far from professional. In fact, it sucks. But I’ve been told authors need a website, and the Wix domains are too complicated to use for marketing. So, I settled on Weebly. It’s becoming quite different than I had anticipated.

I don’t just have a landing page, book pages, media kit, blog, and pressroom like I had anticipated. I’ve expanded it, and it’s not all book or author-related.  My first book is a pro-life dystopian called “For the Future Generations”, I’m writing a novel with two autistic characters, and I’m working on an adoption story about a boy with an attachment disorder who lives in a post-apocalyptic colony.

So, I’m working on four resource pages. One has resources for persons who are considering adoption, or for pregnant women who are thinking of placing for adoption. Another will be for those with autism or parents with autistic children. The third will have links to counseling sites specifically for parents who have had abortions, and the fourth will have links to national attachment therapists’ websites.

I’ll be in a treatment program (hopefully) for six months starting in July, but after that I plan to include a prayer request form.

If anyone has feedback on these ideas, the comment box is open.