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I am looking for beta and proofreaders to help me with my Christian dystopian.

The title is “Book of the Numa”, and here’s the book description:


When the Global Union formed in 2485, they offered equal rights for those of every race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. The exceptions were those with Judeo-Christian beliefs. The Global Union emphasized a tolerant “family” mindset, leading its people to believe there was no absolute truth. They mobilized a group of “Brothers” and “Sisters” who made public examples of Christians and Jews and encouraged their persecution. Orphaned after their father’s death two years later, Irish twins fifteen-year-old Liam and fourteen-year-old Keeley McAllister are sent to the bookstore owned by their late father.  A mysterious eBook, the key to a former Christian bookstore, the testimony of a former Brother, and a mission to respect their father’s dying wish send Liam and Keeley to Belfast, Northern Ireland, as a battle of spiritual warfare moves in.

The beta readers can focus on content and logic and point out points that don’t make sense.  The proofreaders’ focus would be spelling, grammar, typos, and verbosity. If you don’t mind reading Christian books, I would really appreciate the help. Email me at skilletgurl92@hotmail.com if interested.