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I mentioned this in my last post, but I want to go into more detail. I’ve started a crowd funding fundraiser to earn money for editing seven of my books: For the Future Generations, Curtis’ Generations Missions 1-2, Book of the Numa, the Genesis Experiment Mission 1-2, and the Psychopath. Believe it or not, I can get these edited for $2K. I will be using a service called Edit Your Book, which charges .005 cents per word, and that’s for both developmental and copyediting. The fundraiser I’ve set up is for “Book of the Numa”, but I will use the funds to edit all my books. I can get all 23 of my planned books edited for $25,000, but my minimum goal is $2000.

I’ve set rewards:

For each $5.00 donation, I’ll give a bookmark (and maybe a poster). I have to buy those in packs, so I have to set the denomination high.

For each $10.00 donation, I will give an eBook bundle (ePub, MobiPocket, and PDF) of each book I plan to release.

For each $15.00 donation, I will give a signed poster for each book (the six I’ll get edited with the funds)

For each $20.00, I will give the above plus signed bookmarks.

For each $25.00 donation, I will give a print edition and eBook bundle.

For each $30 donation,  I will give the signed posters, bookmarks, name a character after the donor, and dedicate one of the six books to donors.

For each $50.00 donation, I will give an invitation to the book launch party–the physical one for Nashville, TN residents, and the Twitter one for those elsewhere.

I didn’t post this on the fundraiser page, but I plan to start a speculative fiction literary eZine next year. As additional rewards, I can offer authors free publicity in my eZine, on my blog, Twitter, and Google +. Also, I will proof and beta read another author’s work, except for romance and erotica. I will read fiction books with romantic elements, but not erotic. I don’t feel I could offer helpful feedback on those genres.


My fundraiser will start January 19, but for anyone who’s interested, the page is already up at bookofthenuma.pubslush.com. You can click “I’m interested” (if you are), and you will receive an email when the fundraiser begins.