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I know I’ve posted this a lot, because I haven’t gotten any responses. I’m looking for beta readers to help with content, plot, and character development of my two YA pro-life dystopia, For the Future Generations, and its sequel, Curtis’ Generation Mission 1: The Inferiors. 

The story premise of the first is,

In the first book of the For a Generation series, fourteen-year-old Matthia Hefner is growing up in this oppressive political climate. Her country–called “The Middle Country”–is a thirty-first century dictatorship in what was once the United States of America. Here, parents are allowed one subjection: a child or set of multiples. Any subsequent pregnancies conceived before the oldest child has reached the age of emancipation are terminated by abortion. Anyone who cannot contribute to the economy is euthanized. Knowledge of the outside world and the past is filtered through a memory chip implanted in citizens at birth.

Then, she meets Keegan Wilcox, the time-traveling intelligence agent who knows more about Matthia than she wants to admit. From Keegan, she learns how abortion destroyed America and how The Middle Country is headed for the same downfall. She declines at first, but after learning of her mother’s illegal pregnancy, quickly changes her mind. Keegan sends her on a mission to the last generation of America with a plan to reverse its destruction, save the past, and preserve the future.

Its first sequel, Curtis’ Generation Mission 1, is focused more on the eugenics side. Matthia and her friends travel to the year 2100, when persons with disabilities are kept as slaves. There, they will help thirteen-year-old Curtis McKinney learn the value of those society views as weak and worthless.

Like I said, I’m looking for help with plot, logic, and character development. I’d need someone who is okay with reading Christian material, preferably a science fiction writer and reader.  Once it’s been edited, I will send a free paperback copy. If anyone’s interested, please email me at skilletgurl92@hotmail.com. Also, a bit later on, I’ll look for audiobook narrators and promoters.

As a reminder, my fundraiser for editing is available until August 30th. If you want to donate, you won’t be charged until the fundraiser ends, and only if I’ve raised my minimum goal of $2000. The link is bookofthenuma.pubslush.com.