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Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a new blog and won’t be posting here any longer. The link is http://www.worldsofthemindmag.wordpress.com. It’s an online literary blog/e-Zine focused on speculative fiction. For anyone who would like to submit articles, artwork, reviews, press releases, book trailers, or short stories, here are the guidelines:

For articles or guest posts –

1. No more than 1000 words.

2. Can be focused on fiction or about science fact, but try to keep it as fact-based as possible, as in no hate material.

3. Include an author bio, link to website or blog, and information about other published works (if applicable). I can’t pay for submissions, but I’m more than happy to give free publicity.


For artwork and book trailers –

1. No nudity or scanty dress. (Unless of course, you’re submitting a picture of a spaceship, android, or dragon).

2. Artwork should fall into the category of science fiction or fantasy. I’ll leave that to your discernment.

3. Include a link to your website or blog, and a short autobiography.


For short stories –

1. No more than 5000 words.

2. No erotica or erotic elements of any kind, please. This needs to be friendly for all ages.

3. No hate material of any variety.

4. Stories should be science fiction or fantasy.

5. Include an author bio, blog or website link, and links to other published works.


For reviews –

1. Limit reviews to one paragraph.

2. Game, movie, and book reviews are all welcome.


Note: Authors and artists will retain all rights to their work. For previously published works, please provide appropriate permissions. Press releases are also welcome. Send all submissions to worldsofthemindsubmissions@gmail.com.